What people “Post” to be

I saw someone post on Facebook how social media affects everyone’s view on how it should be. Like we are all just constantly comparing ourselves to others. It got me to wondering what folks think about us. If you know me at all, that is not something that crosses my mind often. I am fortunate to not have a care in my bones about what other people think. If you know my daddy, he gave us a good Keller bloodline that is slam full of self esteem. I laugh all the time when Matthew or the kids catch me off guard in a picture. I am like woahhhh, that is NOT what I look like. I love me most days when I get ready and do that last look in the mirror. I always say that’s why I have trouble loosing weight. Most people have body issues when they loose weight, they see the bigger them in the mirror no matter what, I am the total opposite, now that I am thinking that outloud on paper, that’s probably not my best quality.

One of my favorite memories as a mom was when Kinnley was about 3. I was at my aunt’s house. She is ten years older than me, and my best friend on earth. She had three kids at the time, the youngest just a few months older than Kinnley. The two older boys were in the room playing with one of those old plastic phones that had the rotary dial, wheels and eyes that moved when you pulled it by the string across the floor. They were fighting tooth and nail over that toy. She said a few things, and they didn’t listen. All of a sudden she stood up, grabbed that toy, opened the front door and threw it right in the yard. I literally wanted to kiss her! I told her she had always been my role model, and of course this was still true with parenting, and so often I felt like I was failing because some days I just couldn’t not yell, and I just couldn’t be patient.

How often do we post the bad, the ugly, the rough. Are we posting what we “pose” to be? I just wanted to jump on and let you know that we Rhynes are a HOT mess over here. Dillon eats cereal four times a day. Tatum is the most spoiled person on earth, and thinks we are all just here to make her life great. Parker rarely comes out of her room, and Kinnley has one foot out the door. Matthew is a great husband, I am so so lucky there, but he is still a man, and he is so nice and silly with everyone else all the time, we usually get the grumpy him. And me, oh my me…lol. I yell, so loud I cannot believe the neighbors don’t call the law sometimes. I throw stuff. I totally stick my face in my phone and straight up ignore my kids. I don’t do laundry, at all. I hate cleaning and cooking. I am late for everything. I was my wedding and will be my funeral. And my worst flaw, I forget EVERYTHING. Ask my husband and kids. I remember nothing. Not conversations, play dates, birthday parties, church functions, dinner, to buy toilet paper. If we missed your party, your birthday, your baby shower, whatever your function may be, it’s because I forgot, and more than likely forgot to tell my family, so when you ask them about it, they are clueless. My friend Hannah knows this wonderful trait of mine, and when her kids have a party, she so kindly in the middle of her prepping for the party, calls me to remind me to come. I post the good of all of us, our happy times, our sad times, but rarely does the majority get to see the hard of things.

I just wanted to let you all know, in case my posts always seem like we have it together, we totally do not. We are just winging it. Like I think most of you are. My goal in life is not really to have it all together. I just want to live and love. I would love if my kids didn’t have to go to therapy as adults as a result of their childhood. I want people to know that we loved them, (even if we forgot to go to their parties), regardless of who they are, where they live, how they looked and most importantly to this Rhyne crew, what color their skin is.

If you are constantly comparing your life, your looks, or your lifestyle to others, let that burden go. God made you and yours EXACTLY how he wanted you to be. He made you in HIS image! What an amazing honor. I pray that as you scroll today. You just smile at others, and be thankful for who and where you are.

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