Who Stole the Joy?

Life has been busy and it’s been a while since I have had time to sit and write, I am in all reality too busy today, but I decided enough was enough after the fourth conversation this week with someone overwhelmed.

I can’t figure out if it’s our age, our generation, our world, or if this is normal, but lately, it’s hard to find joy. I spend most days running on fumes, and not doing a great job of anything at all. Matthew and I have felt very alone in that, but lately God has placed people and conversations in my path that have shown me that it’s not just me. It’s not just us at our house. What are we doing so different that has changed our outlooks?

Matthew and I are very glass half full kinda people. The last few years our glasses are half empty, and that outlook in itself is enough to drive us over the edge! We talked Sunday night, and we were both like, we gotta figure out how to change our outlook, our lives are full of blessings and we are missing them because we are seeing everything as a burden. I just wonder what changed, where that shift happened, and if this is just a phase of life, of parenthood, or if this a reflection of a world that revolves around high speed internet, social media lifestyles, and keeping up with the Jones’.

Whatever it is, we gotta figure out a way as a community, as friends, to fix it! I wonder if we need less extracurriculars and more Sunday dinners. Less homework and more playing catch in the yard. More BBQs at the neighbors house instead of snapchats and text messages. I can’t help but wonder if we feel so empty because we fool ourselves into thinking we are connected to everyone with our phones, but in all reality, we are connected to no one. You ever see people in the store, and you just say a really friendly hello and walk away? Because there is no reason to ask questions, “how’s your family” isn’t needed because we know, we see on Facebook. I think social media is great, and coming from a girl that LOVED encyclopedias, Google is my lifeline, you would giggle at the number of things I look up in a day. Knowledge at our fingertips is such a blessing. I just can’t help but wonder if the flip side of that is killing us, our lives, our connections, and crushing our spirits all at once.

No real point in today’s blog. Just wanted you to know if you are missing your joy here lately, and you are overwhelmed at this stage, you aren’t alone. And if you think we need a good old cook out in the park, and a basket for the phones to go in at the entrance, I am down any time!

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